Check out these sample application videos from last season for guidance on what yours should look like!


*Keep it short! 1-2 minutes is ideal

*Be personable - dancers choose whose pieces they want to dance in based on these videos!

*Showcase YOUR choreography - preferably danced by you to really get a feel for your movement style, but you can bring in friends if needed too.

*It doesn't have to be fancy! Recording your intro & choreography in your room or outside is totally fine!

choreographer application

season 5 showcase choreographer applications

SEASON 5 choreographer applications are now closed! 

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• All dances must be under 4 minutes long, NO EXCEPTIONS 

Choreographers will hold weekly 90 minute rehearsals, suggested to consist of 30 minutes of warm-up/technique/training and 60 minutes of rehearsal. Each choreographer will have up to 12 weeks of rehearsal provided and paid for by CDP. Make up or additional time must be approved by the director, and booked and paid for by the choreographer.

Choreographers are expected to create a professional, yet open and accepting dance family environment within their own rehearsals! Start your season's first rehearsal with an ice breaker/introduction of every dancer so we can all make new friends!

Choreographers must pay the $35 fee to apply. If not chosen to choreograph, it can be applied towards your $50 dancer fee, OR refunded minus a $25 application fee. If chosen to choreograph and you choose to dance in the showcase as well, the $50 dancer fee is waived!

Choreographer Release: As a Cleveland Dance Project choreographer, I approve for Cleveland Dance Project to utilize my choreography and any videos and photos of my work for any purposes they deem fit, including marketing and sales. I am accepting responsibility to meet all deadlines & assume the leadership role to create and teach an original work for Cleveland Dance Project. I understand this is not a paid position, and that I am solely volunteering my time and creative talent for Cleveland Dance Project