Fall showcase 2017

"Fix You"

Choreographed by Torie Gray

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spring showcase 2018

"Humanity In Motion"

Choreographed by Rachel Soucie

spring showcase 2018

"Mountains In Reply"

Choreographed by Elizabeth Pollert

Fall showcase 2017

"Spinus Tristus"

Choreographed by Regina Pietraroia

Fall showcase 2017

"Sparks In The Grind"

Choreographed by Jessica Bennett

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Fall showcase 2017

"Permanent Record"

Choreographed by Tori Muellauer

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-3pm & 7pm, general admission tickets

-$10 in advance online, $15 at the door

past performances

spring showcase 2018

"Blue Orchid"

Choreographed by Arielle Strosser

Fall showcase 2017

"Divergent Unison"

Choreographed by Anna Cerveny